Student Welfare Support Scheme

Scholarships are offered to orphans and indigent students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Some children are out of school today because of lack of finance or lack of parental care. We liaise with parents/guardians and schools administrators to award partial or full scholarship to pupils or students according to the needs. Once we are involved, progress is monitored to determine whether such students merit continuous support.

Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES)

A great number of our youths are confused, misdirected and wasting out their lives through lack of family and government support. We help out in this through enlightenment, seminars/workshops, skills acquisition and financial aid. We source out the training to individuals and organizations while we monitor and follow them up to ensure the right skills and proficiency are acquired. We also help them to set up their own business or the acquisition of tools, machines and materials needed in the most basic ways.

Free Medical Outreach (FMO)

The major way we assist the public medically is through our Free Medical Outreach. It is aimed at giving access to medical services to those that may not be able to afford them. We put together a team of Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Laboratory Scientists/Technicians and other volunteers with full medical attention in testing, consultation, drugs prescription, drugs dispensary and referral. In a typical Free Medical Outreach we carry out tests on Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Blood Level, Hepatitis, Malaria and HIV. Many are helped through timely diagnosis and interventions.

Widows Welfare Support Scheme (WWSS)

The aim is to assist widows with basic needs as food, clothing, medicals and others as the needs arise. Many widows are in serious needs of these basic things, that a little helping hand goes a long way in relieving them and sustaining their lives. This we have done over the years and continue to do. We have seen the lift in their spirit and the joy it brings when they know somebody cares.

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