Life Enhancement through good public relation

Public Relations is creating good impression about yourself in people’s mind through positive actions in order for them to be favorably disposed towards you

It means doing or behaving good to make people’s attitude towards you positive. Your most valuable assets are human beings. That is why you cannot afford to ignore people’s mind about you. At every point or level of your life you need people’s goodwill in order to successfully succeed.

Even Jesus wondered the type of impression he was able to create in the minds of people. That was why he called his disciples aside and asked them “who do men say I the son of man am?” (Matt 16:13). It is very important because anything you are doing is nonsense unless it finds expression in solving human problems. If what you are doing has nothing to do with your fellow human beings you must belong to the devil’s nuclear family.

Let’s approach this from three basic areas:

  1. Appearance: One of the media or tools of non-verbal communication is appearance. The first impression a complete stranger forms about you is through your appearance. They say, “You are addressed the way you dress”. You are easily categorized by your dress sense, hair, movement, composure, facial expression. First impression matters here. A fool that appears well may be given respect than others by error. So don’t be too careless about your appearance. It counts. People are tempted to relate with a well-groomed person before they get to know him or her better. You can positively position yourself through good appearance. Shabby dressing or appearance is not a mark of godliness.
  2. Action: Your action speaks volume about your worth. Your action may betray your appearance. You don’t behave your natural self all the time. Your action must vary to suite the environment or whatever. For instance, you don’t behave the same way when you are with your spouse as when you are with your superiors, or in church as when you are in the stadium. You must learn manners. The idea of “I can’t pretend” makes you a bad public relations person; in fact, a nuisance in some places. Anyone that must be decent and courteous must have some element of “pretense” to his/her actions. It is not a virtue to always show your anger. You enhance people’s goodwill towards you when you learn to always lend a helping hand, give, be punctual, take responsibility, encourage and comfort others.
  3. Speech: “Even a fool when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise (Prov 17:29): When you let reason rather than emotion dictate what you say, you will always speak right. Season your words with grace. Anyone that says everything in his/her mind is one that is called a fool and hated by many. Don’t show lack of respect for people and their feelings. Always consider the feelings of others before you speak. Don’t always prove your superiority, even if you are, especially to your superiors. It does not give you respect or honour when you speak to people the language they don’t understand. Even using vocabularies your hearer does not understand sends him further from you. It is not a mark of great education but a mark of little education or ignorance. When your words bite like a serpent, you must be having a serpentine tongue.

  Your life should attract people in a positive way. It is a function of what you do and how you do them. Make deliberate efforts to be a blessing to people as somebody covered with human beings is better than one covered with clothes. When your life is repulsive to people it means the scent or perfume of God is lacking in your life. May Christ’s life start manifesting in your life today and forever!



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