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LIFTING HANDS ADVANCEMENT INITIATIVE is a non-governmental, non-profit Christian organization set up to meet the needs of the less privileged and those in need of assistance in different areas of life especially in the areas of basic needs. It is an instrument of the gospel designed to win souls and bring succour to the needy.

We operate through the willing supports of kind and gospel-hearted Christians who are committed to kingdom service through their donations and selfless service.

Widows Welfare Support Scheme (WWSS)

Students Welfare Support Scheme SWSS)

Free Medical Outreach (FMO)

Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES)

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To give a helping hand and hope towards alleviating immediate and future sufferings of those in financial, material, spiritual and moral needs.

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  • To win souls for Christ by creating contact points through welfare schemes
  • To provide free medical services to those who may not be able to afford them
  • To assist widows and orphans in the provision of basic needs
  • To help orphans and indigent students in primary, secondary and tertiary schools through material and financial assistance
  • To create good-will for the church and the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Youth empowerment through training, seminar, workshops and enlightenment programmes.
  • To provide information and teachings for the total wellbeing of all


  • Through free Medical Outreaches in churches, schools and communities
  • By providing food, clothing and necessary basic materials to support widows and orphans who may not be able to afford them or as a means of encouraging them
  • By offering full or partial scholarship to indigent students or providing school fees, uniforms, stationeries and other necessities as the needs may be
  • Empowerment of young people through skills training and enlightenment to available opportunities
  • Opening up prayer lines and direct prayer contact for those that need spiritual assistance
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and media campaigns; publication of books, magazines, pamphlets and radio/television shows to address socio-spiritual issues